dwakroki.com online store is a complex web application allowing for selling products and services online. It comprises of two main modules - an online store that is displayed to visitors online and an admin panel available after logging in that allows you to efficiently manage your online store.

Visual layout

We can apply any visual design to your online store application that is visible to your clients.

Visual layout of customer’s online store is created on individual basis – we do not use ready -made solutions ( templates etc.). The graphic design aspect is separated from content development (such as your store’s offer), what allows for performing periodical updates of the layout itself without modifying site’s main content. All configuration data, including product information, is stored in mySQL database. The store’s engine itself runs on PHP and mySQL.


How an online store works

A basic version of an online store already offers rich functionality , but if needed, this functionality can be extended to any number of new features.

The number of products store owner can offer on his or her site is literally unlimited. The only limitations may relate to the performance of the file and database server. Currently, several of our online stores offer product lines of over 23,000 items, with their site performance identical to that of online stores offering several products only.


Store management

The management of the online store is maintained directly by its owner or by designated people responsible for this task. It is performed through an easy to use admin panel. This login panel is available via a web browser. It is within this area that the product categories and subcategories are defined, new products with their photos and descriptions launched. This panel also allows for tracking the orders placed. Here we can also define the order status - for instance, mark an order as completed or as ready for shipment. In addition, the panel contains a lot of tools to assist in estimating the cost of the most profitable products, the best customers or visitor statistics for the whole store as well as for each product individually.


Demo of an online store

To familiarize yourself with the functionality of an online store, you are invited to visit our web presentation: demo.sklepyinternetowe2kroki.com

If you’re interested in launching an online store, please feel free to read information on how to order it here.

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