Modular design of an online store allows you to prepare functionality directly into your business. I invite you to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the store, please also note that the functionality can be extended according to your needs.

Administration / functionality of the admin page

  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of products in categories
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of sub- categories
  • Add / Edit / Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers
  • Access to the administration panel is authorized administrator login and password
  • Ability to send the newsletter ( newsletter ) to a group of users registered as a customer or as a newsletter subscribers
  • Tools for creating database backups and to restore the previous backup
  • Ability to print the account contract and address labels
  • Statistics of products and purchases made by customers
  • Ability to add advertising banners static and dynamic

Shop / functionality on the client side

  • All orders are stored in the database, the client always has access to previous orders and conditions of contracts in progress
  • Customer may at any time modify the data contained in his profile
  • Address Book allows the customer to define several delivery addresses
  • Customers not registered can add products to cart temporary , after the registration process cart remembers the previously selected products
  • Fast and simple search allows you to quickly find the desired product
  • Ability to evaluate and comment on customer previously ordered products
  • Transactions are secure - encrypted SSL connection
  • Ability to display the number of products in each category
  • Global (the store) and local (in this category) bestseller list - the best selling products
  • Ability to view other products that customers bought together with displayed product
  • Navigation bar for navigating the store

Functionality of products

  • Ability to define product attributes
  • Product descriptions in HTML format
  • Automatic display of special offers
  • Ability to define inventory of the product

Payment functionality

  • payments off-line (eg, delivery)
  • On-line (2Checkout, PayPal,, iPayment, etc.)

Functionality delivery

  • Payments for the delivery can be defined using parameters such as the weight of the package or price
  • Ability to track the state of order (eg order accepted, order shipped, orders in progress)

Tax Functionality

  • Ability to define different tax rates for each product