If you want to create an online store for software-based online store 2kroki.com I invite you to get acquainted with be helpful in defining your queries. This list will be constantly updated to help you and us in the mutual determination of specifications and action plan for the design and implementation of an online store.

  1. Please specify what kind of range is to be found in the shop - what will be the number of products to be departments, categories and subcategories. Are the products are similar or if they are products of different industries. Which is to be their form of presentation (how many photos, what kind of descriptions and information are located on the product). Are the products will have sets of characteristics (eg, the same T-shirt can be different colors and different sizes - a set of characteristics will be the color and size),
  2. What will be the operating range of the store - whether global or local. What are the national languages will be used (if there are more than one, the default Polish),
  3. What will be the currency, taxation of products,
  4. What forms of shipping the products you want to make your customers (courier, mail, etc),
  5. What forms of payment will be possible to use in the shop (credit card transfer, etc),
  6. Does shipping take into account the number and weight of the product - how it affects transportation costs,
  7. Is besides pages store will also offer information pages (eg company, contact, etc ), if so what,
  8. Are the products to the store is to introduce the company 2kroki whether you will be introduced on its own (of course, we are talking about a start store later use, it always introduces customer products via admin panel)
Additionally interest us will be:
  • to be graphic design, what style, what color, what are the guidelines for graphic design (you can specify websites that appeal visually)
  • what will be the web address of the page (Internet domain) - if you have bought it if it is free, if we buy it for you
  • what will be the main store your email address (eg. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • what will be the name of the store
  • if you have a logo, if you do it if we are to design