Extremely important issue related to running an online store is to ensure data safety and security of financial transactions through the store.

Data Security - includes both the data on our products, our clients and our configuration data. Ensuring the security of data storage used in a mySQL database, not in files and very restrictive dismissal of August to the database. All software vulnerabilities are eliminated by creating a stable and secure platform.

In addition, personal data online store 2kroki.com are held in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Personal Data Protection. Customer at registration gives only basic data necessary to place an order.

Access to the admin panel is possible only after entering login and password. Number of authorized administrators to log can be changed. In addition, for each administrator can be defined different level permissions - this allows for separation of users who have the right to alter product offerings from those who can make changes to the configuration store.

Privacy Notice - is related to ensuring an adequate level of security when making payments. Our stores carry the type of payment:

  • SMS micropayments
  • transfers mTransfer mBank
  • transfers QuickMoney Inteligo
  • credit card payment
  • PayPal payment

In order to automate the whole process of paying for purchased goods store system must immediately have the information or made payments actually paid if he had the funds in your account , whether used or credit card is not fake. The entire responsibility for the execution of such transactions shall be borne by an external company - Allpay (www.allpay.pl). The whole is integrated into the store.


Entire payment process looks like this:

  1. Customer chooses products to the shopping cart, then confirms the desire of the contract.
  2. Selects the mode of transport , shipping address , possibly specifying a different shipping address.
  3. Selects the form of payment (eg credit card)
  4. At this time, the customer is redirected to authorize such a payment card or bank website , which wants to make the transfer. After payment, the company Allpay transmit feedback information to the store and the transaction was successful . Only then the system will allow the online store to order . Therefore, orders paid by credit card or bank transfers in the list are verified and although the store owner might not have their account yet definitely will go there soon.