CMS system

CMS Systems

Content Management System

CMS is a platform allowing for development and management of your website’s content without expert knowledge on web development or programming. This system is designed for easy management and information processing.

We recommend CMS systems to all companies that need to implement quick changes to their offer or product pricing on an ongoing basis. Capabilities for prompt and rapid updating of content is one of the key features of CMS. Unlike other web design techniques, in case of CMS there is no need for you to hire additional staff responsible for managing your website, since you can do it independently on your own. User friendly and visually pleasing interface allows for quick, safe and easy update of content.

By ordering your site in the CMS technology with us, you will receive at your disposal the admin sites accessible via a web browser. Inside you’ll find specific forms that will allow for entering new information or updating existing content for each separate segment of your business offer. The scalable architecture of the system allows for adding new components easily and effortlessly, greatly expanding system’s functionality.


Here are some of the features of our CMS:

  • ability to rapidly change the site’s look
  • ability to separate layout from text content - the content is stored and managed separately from the way the site is displayed to visitors
  • resource management (administrator)
  • mechanisms allowing for layout management, modularity
  • ability to divide users into role groups on the basis of the tasks performed and system functions made available to them (levels of access)
  • security and authorization (including login, automated logout, levels of access)
  • open system architecture (ability to add modules and blocks expanding service functionality)
  • scalable, upgradeable system