Domains and hosting

Websites and online stores


Comprehensive services

Designing a website or an online store is just the beginning. It is necessary to place it on a web server under a unique domain name to make it function properly. Internet Solution Center offers a wide range of services in the area of site registration and maintenance, as well as hosting services - starting with VPS shared servers and dedicated servers - ending with professional web hosting services tailored to the needs of specific web projects.

Hosting for demanding clients

Large Internet projects require specific work environment. Our system administrators provide assistance in selecting appropriate hardware, an operating system and server configuration necessary for the proper performance of even the most demanding sites or stores. We have experience in working with the overload sites burdened by high traffic. We offer server operation optimization and configuration paired with ongoing technical support.

Server Administration

Focus your efforts on building your business by leaving technical aspects of web hosting to professionals. Our team of system administrators offers experience and expertise in this area. Ongoing server administration service support, consulting services as well as expert advice on selecting appropriate hardware, operating systems and system configuration will ensure continued trouble-free operations of your website so you don’t lose sleep.

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